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If you have any questions about EM Enterprises Inc or need specific information about our sandblasting or powder coating services, please call us at (215) 333-9433 or email us here. You can also browse our list of frequently asked questions below.

Sandblastingis an abrasive cleaning process where a high pressure hose discharges media to an item in order to remove rust, dirt, and/or paint from the item, which can then be powder coated.

Materials that can be sandblasted for the commercial industry include steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, and construction equipment, and lawn furniture, bike frames, car engines and car rims in the residential industry.

There are different types of media used in sandblasting, and the type of media used is dependent on the item being blasted.
There is no specific time frame for an item to be blasted.  It depends on the size of the item and whether there are intricate parts to the item being blasted.  For example, a straight steel beam can be blasted can be blasted quickly, while a railing with intricate pieces will take longer as more care must be taken.
Powder coating is a process where a powder paint is applied to the surface of an item.  The powder coating is then baked causing a melting process that adheres to the surface resulting in a smooth sealed finish that is durable and weather resistant. Our powder is applied by electrostatic spray and then baked at 450° for 20 minutes for a 2 to 3 mil 2H hard.
Our powder coating system will offer a durable and long-lasting finish when coated over stainless, aluminum or steel — wrought iron railings will be brought to a new look again and durable to outside conditions.
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